Chief of Police

Chief of Police

John Dale Hartman: Chief of Police

A message from the Chief of Police

Welcome to the website of the Southwest Regional Police Department.  On behalf of the department and all who contributed to its formation, we hope that you will find it both helpful and instructive.

All the professionals of the Southwest Regional Police Department be they board members, officers or support staff strive to carry out our sworn duties to “protect and serve” the public.  We are mindful that we can only meet this objective if we are in partnership with the community.  To that extent we are publicly oriented in our service delivery and have instituted programs to enhance a positive relationship with the public.  With regional police departments such as ours, services are provided to more than one community.  As such, we continually strive to provide those services unique to the communities we serve in response to their expectations and demands.

Programs we have instituted to further assist us in this endeavor include a terrorist awareness program, crime prevention programs, Law Enforcement Explorer Program, outreach programs for the elderly, vacation home checks, community days presentations, speaker programs and much more.  With specialty units including a Special Response Team (SWAT), K-9 unit, and river rescue and patrol unit we feel we are making positive strides in our attempt to provide the best services possible to the communities we serve.

Take a look at the site and use the links we have provided.  We hope you find your experience both informative and fun.  If there anything else you may want on the site or if there is any way we can further assist you, please call, stop by or send an email.

Thank you for visiting the website and have a nice day. 

–  John Dale Hartman, Chief of Police


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