Investigation and Intelligence Division

The Investigation and Intelligence Division (I & I) is a specialized branch of SWRPD. I & I Officers are assigned to handle specialized assignments including Detective, Under Cover or VICE operations. I & I is broken up into several units.

Investigative Officers handle cases forwarded by the Patrol Division. Investigative Officers perform follow-up investigations, interviews and other tasks of which Patrol Officers may not have the time or resources to handle. Investigative Officers are assigned to the I & I Division as SWRPD needs dictate, but they carry the same rank that the Officer held in Patrol.


Intelligence Officers are responsible for interviewing and debriefing arrestees. Intelligence Officers create an advanced matrix of information that Investigative Officers rely on to close their cases. Intelligence Officers are some of the most highly trained and highly classified Officers in SWRPD.

VICE Officers are assigned to handle specialized operations relating to Drug Trafficking, Prostitution, Illegal Gambling, Loan Sharking, Organized Crime and other special crimes. VICE Officers frequently conduct covert surveillance and controlled-investigations in order to bring specialized criminals to justice.

K-9 operations are coming soon to SWRPD.


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